I am Joseph Crossley and this is my portfolio of works.

I am a new media artist, creative director / producer, and environmental architect. I have ideas, inventions, and concepts on which I work with partners and collaborators to realise.

Many of my works have been in highly public surroundings with the intention of delivering an experience, a memory, or even just a place to enjoy for while.

I have worked around the world for a variety of clients from luxury brands to computer chip manufacturers, light festivals to world leading advertising agencies.

My creative lead is an organic inclusive flow state where I see good ideas like organisms. From external influences arise a unique and evolved idea and I bring all to the creative table when working with new concepts and people.

My personal artworks lean towards sacred symbology and its effect ( or trying to understand its effect) on the human condition. As a classical cellist and musician as well as a light artist I am obsessed with frequency, waves, vibration, colour, and light.

My travels bring me to places where this is discoverable and I look to work with people who can invigorate these ideas within me.

Future works lean towards environmental art mixed with clean and sustainable systems using creative technologies.

Waves and Snow are two of my vices!

I look forward to hearing what you think about my work.

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Bon Voyage